The Evangelist Luke was a physician and a friend of the apostle Paul. Tradition claims that deal with frescoes and painted the first icon of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Apostles Peter and Paul.
These icons are the model for all subsequent icons, which is why St. Luke is considered the founder of Christian iconography. St. Luka is one of the most respected patron of doctors and many families celebrate it.
According to belief, today we’ll find out what we are waiting for winter … The people known as Lučindan.
In the writings of the ancient Greek and Church Slavonic language of St. Luka describes as “reliable doctor of the soul and body.” Respected as a protector of medicine and pharmacy, hospitals and pharmacies, doctors, pharmacists and patients, many families. It is known that he treated for free, but it is believed that his remains have healing power.
His relics are kept in Constantinople, and it is believed that the foot of Saint Luke, which is kept in a monastery in Montenegro treats diseases of the eyes.