‘’Stopica’’ is famous for its 10 meter high underground waterfall, a specific and its climate: flying in a cave warm in the winter cold. Although not particularly rich in cave ornaments, it has a very interesting basins, which are distinguished by their size and depth, which some are up to seven meters.
Caves Serbia its forms show endless imagination and fairy-tale nature, and most of them are located in the eastern part of the country Neolithic people of the cave served as a habitat and as a shelter from the weather, wild animals and enemies, and now they are left for tourists to view and enjoy. Many of them existed in the Ice Age …
Caves are man were first shelter and “warm” home. When he learned how to build houses, left the cold and wet environment, and they were, according to legend, moved dragons, fairies and various other mythical creatures. Then they experienced cavers and powerful lighting “was dispersed” all the ghosts and beasts, making unique shapes cave ornaments in the realm of darkness and silence accessible for tourists.
Serbia can boast as many as 1,500 caves, but only about 10 percent of explored caves.