Today, for all Orthodox believers begin Christmas post, which includes refraining from Fat food, bad thoughts and actions in the next 40 days. Post includes willingly abstaining from food, bad thoughts and passions in a certain period of time. The goal of fasting is to purify the soul and the body, in the Christmas post is preparing for the arrival of the most joyful holiday – the birth of Christ, – Christmas.

Christians believe that Christ is the first I fasted, However, all the later martyrs and saints lived by these rules. Hence, the Church still believes that fasting is a powerful weapon in the fight against the demons and dishonestly force, and for the salvation of human souls. After fasting which lasts six weeks, believer access to the sacraments of confession, repentance and communion. However, the post does not consist only of abstinence from food and drink, but also by renouncing evil thoughts, desires and actions. Therefore, you should make an effort to do good works, to regularly pray, to help others and to live the Christian virtues.

If you follow these guidelines, then your post really successful!