Spas in Serbia – the great potential of Serbia and Serbian tourism serbian abundant mineral water springs, both cold and hot. Therapeutic gas and mud spa complement the wealth of Serbia. Over 1000 sources and on them over 50 spas, spa tourism made in Serbia, the most developed tourist branch. The benefits of Serbian spas are known since ancient times. Proof of this are the spas of ancient Rome, where they enjoy the healing properties of our climate. The remains of the Roman baths built in the period between 2 and 4 century AD are evident today in, for example, Niska, Vrnjackoj, Sokobanja and Kursimlijskoj Josanicka and Spa.
Most Serbian spa, is situated in a natural environment, in the valleys, on the slopes of hills and mountain foothills. Protected from the strong winds, surrounded by woods and pastures, blessed by mild climate, they are an oasis of balneotherapy ie. thermal treatment and meneral water, gas and medicinal mud.
The most visited spas in Serbia is Vrnjacka Banja in the vicinity of many interesting sites, such as the remains of medieval fortresses, medieval monasteries, and untamed nature. Sprang up in places where air currents are so intertwined to create a paradise for the lungs, tucked among the forests that are natural air purifiers, protected from strong winds and rough climatic conditions, raise with thermal and mineral springs, spas are a great potential of Serbia and havens of healthy life , a small, colorful islands of health, which is still growing and evolving.