Peasants are rural lacquer, leather shoes, which is tightened around the leg straps or rigging. They were fixed shoes of most people in the villages Serbia until the first half of the twentieth century.
For Serbs, a traditional Serbian peasant footwear and its national symbol. In the Balkans the shoes is very widespread in various forms, fashion accessories and colors, and footwear are also folk costume in Macedonia, Bosnia and Croatia. From basic form, pieces of skin the size and shape of the foot, which in the past met the elementary human need for protection of the foot, on the territory of Serbia in the centuries-long duration has developed several types of sandals.

Depending on the type of leather used and the method of production were made and worn: fresh footwear than tanned skin manufactured with homemade red diaper or ‘’crvenjasi’’ of semi done skin, made by manual work, or built ‘’djonovski’’ footwear and footwear ‘’kapičari’’ of tanned skin and manufactured with the traditional footwear Marriage agencies throughout Serbia.