Christmas Day is celebrated on 24 December (the 6th of January in the Gregorian calendar for the church and the faithful who follow the Julian calendar), the day before Christmas, and is part of Christmas customs. Christmas Eve is the name given by the Yule log which on that day cut and burned.
Christmas Eve and Christmas are inseparable, not only because they come one after the other, but also because they complement beliefs and customs of the people linked to them. Badnjidan the last day of the Christmas fast. Traditions around Christmas Eve are quite old.
Firing the Yule log is a central element of symbolism birth of a new sun, the day before Christmas and immediately after the solstice. Young oak was given the fire burning like a new year, a handful of sparks thrown into the sky predicting much fruit yield. That day, early in the morning host goes to cut Christmas Eve, usually it is an oak tree to make it that night into the house and thus marked the beginning of the Christmas feasts.
Christmas Eve is named after sečenoj oak branch – Christmas Eve, the sacred tree of the Slavs. On Christmas Eve should show respect and salute the birth of Jesus. In the evening, on the eve of Christmas, Yule is brought into the house.
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and joins Christmas. Therefore, in our nation for some people, who are friendly close and bound, says that as a “Christmas and Christmas Eve.”