Raspberry is produced in Serbia for three decades. The core of the production is located in Arilje area, a large amount of raspberries gives Macva region. Raspberry’s favorite fruit, and children and adults, its exquisite flavor and aroma suited to everyone, whether it comes to desserts, fruit juice or fresh raspberries.

It is very rich in biologically active substances such as vitamin A, B2, RR, C, carotene, sugars, organic acids, potassium, etc. For the purpose of treatment is appropriate only those raspberry growing on biological soil correct and which are not treated with any chemicals. Given the fact that in our country, especially in western Serbia, raspberries are usually succeeds, it is not difficult to find your raspberry, the lek, juice or sweet. Maybe you did not know that she is one of the plants that bees love it, because it gives a lot of nectar and pollen.

Our country with a production of more than 100,000 tonnes of “red gold”, has surpassed Chile and Poland. Therefore, believe it or not, Serbia is the first in the world in production of this extremely healthy fruit!