Skull Tower is a monument from the First Serbian Uprising, which was in retaliation by the Turkish government in Serbia built from the skulls of the killed Serbian soldiers in the battle of Cegar.
Located at 4 km from the center of Nis. Ranked among the cultural monuments of great importance for the Republic of Serbia, and today is a museum object.
It is made up of four retaining walls (width of about 4.5 m thickness 0.5 m) that were leaning on each other, making a hollow, curved form whose original height was 5 meters.
In it are built out of 952 skulls of dead rebels, arranged in symmetrical rows. Although the Turks forbade Serbs to refer skull with its walls, many heads are touted debonded and buried in nearby cemeteries.
During the celebration sixtieth liberation of Nis from the Turks, cleaning the central part of the building, found several skulls, which were re-installed in the tower.
Today there’s only 58 skulls, one of which is specifically allocated to a pedestal, as a leader of the uprising skull Stevan Sindjelic.