Horses are typical animals that live in herds. The government has clearly established herd pecking order.
As a citizen of the steppe horse, unlike the donkey, the animal whose first instinct is to try to avoid the danger of fast escapes. In keeping horses or working as domestic animals, dominated by mares and castrated horses.

Domestication of horses brought the peoples of exceptional advantages.
They could be in a lot less time to cross great distances, which facilitate the maintenance of the great empires. In addition, as it is in some parts of today custom, used them for food, and they are valuable helpers in war campaigns. Some new techniques of attack and war became possible only with the use of horses. Warmblood horses are noble, racial and temperamental, whereas cold bigger and stronger. Warmblood horses used in sport, while cold-blooded horses used for work.

Domestic horses on average live about 25 years. The horse is a social animal is able to form a strong relationship with the members of their herd possessing the ability to recognize social characters. This instinctive behavior stems from the basic horse’s ability to bind and listens to his coach. Today the horse is one of the favorite sports of animals. The impact of the horse on human history and civilization made him one of the most important domestic animals.