In the world there are about 7,000 national parks (areas with a large number of diverse natural ecosystems of national significance, the salient features and cultural heritage in which man lives harmonized with nature). The list includes, inter alia, Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Tara. Its total values of national parks beyond the borders of Serbia and are included in the European Federation of National Parks – EUROPARC.

National Park “Kopaonik” extends to the highest and best preserved parts of the Kopaonik mountain, which rises in the central part of southern Serbia. Protected in 1981 on an area of 11,809 ha. Although it starts at an altitude of about 800 m, the largest area of the park encompasses the central and the most wooded part of Kopaonik mountain, a large, relatively flattened region of about 1700 m high, known as Flat Kopaonik. Kopaonik is characterized by large areas with extremely valuable and well-preserved ecosystems. Ecological diversity and richness caused the animal world.

National park “Tara” covers most of the mountain of Tara, which is located in the extreme western Serbia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the lakatastoj bend in the river Drina, between Visegrad and Bajina Basta. Was declared a national park in 1981, on an area of 19,200 ha.
The National Park, along with Zaovine and Nature Park “Sargan – Mokra Gora”, the backbone of the future biosphere reserve Drina. Mountain Tara belongs part Vlach mountains. Mountain Tara is especially known for its lush, dense, indigenous conifer forests, which make it the most wooded mountain in Serbia and Europe. Of the over 1,000 plant species as far as the present, about 20 are endemic character, including the empress of all endemic species of Europe, Serbian spruce.
In the far south-west Serbia is Zlatibor. The area of Zlatibor is situated between the mountains of Tara and Zlatar, a distance of 30 kilometers and a width of 15 kilometers. This mountain of great beauty mark the pleasant climate, spacious clearings, lush pastures, rich and diverse flora and fauna, mountain streams, cultural and historical heritage, which is the reason why the Zlatibor called the ‘’air spa’’.
This is why it is proposed to designate Zlatibor Nature Park and the natural resource of great importance.