Maglic is located at 16 km southwest of Kraljevo in the gorge of the river Ibar. Maglic is one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns in Serbia. The fortress is situated on a hill around which Ibar says sharp bend surround it on three sides, while the fourth side, in the northeast, a wide and deep trench cut into the rock. Maglic has an elongated shape.

Maglic, a sort of Serbian Kamelot, safely tucked away in the warm embrace of central Serbia. However, the most interesting things in relation Maglic’m not his appearance or location, but his mysterious occurrence. The moment you enter the valley of the Ibar River, all the worries and all the stress of city life remain behind you. All that follows are endless and the fairytale landscapes which alternate one after the other. Ibar is bordered on both sides by mountains. On one Golija, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and on the other Kopaonik, national park, ski center and the “roof of Serbia”. Maglic medieval fortress, the largest precious Ibra, guards the entrance to the valley.

Some Ibra valley called Valley of the Kings, the second valley centuries, and they called the romantic valley Jorgovana. The first two calls received since the heart of the medieval Serbian and guarded monasteries Studenica, Zica, Sopocani and the home back, some of the greatest shrines of the Serbian people. The third title is due to get the love story. And that brings us back to the mysterious mist. Since ancient times, people have passed on the legend of the Devil’s Jerini, wife of despot George Brankovic. It was said that the city Maglic raised Jerina, as well as the people hated and called by this name not so commendable. The fortress is today popularly called Jerenin city. Even now, this fortress is hiding many secrets. Historians still can not determine exactly when the rich valley of the Ibar white and blue lilacs that bloom every spring. There is a legend about the origin of lilac, after which they planted the son of King Uros and Queen Jelena. King Milutin had a couple of marriages behind him, and he wanted his third wife to make her happy. Since she was concerned underage daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Andronicus, Simonida Milutin did not want her to grow up unhappy and decorated the whole valley can not lilac.

Maglic in 1979 kurlture declared a monument of exceptional importance.