Kopaonik, the largest mountain range in Serbia and the number one tourist destination! In its highest part, Kopaonik is like a house flat roof, and that part is called Straight Kopaonik.
Due to the favorable climate, the number of sunny days a year, geomorphological diversity, Kopaonik is very suitable for development of tourism. Kopaonik offers visitors – nature lovers, enjoyment and beautiful experience .. Within the National Park was built in a beautiful tourist center with a system of ski lifts and ski slopes for alpine and Nordic skiing. Observe the rules of conduct in national park, which are written on the entrance. It is not allowed to arbitrarily camping and campfires are places where it is not provided.
It is also not allowed to pick mushrooms, medicinal plants, hunting animals, fishing ..
The presence of traces of medieval mining, restored church in Quilty River , the Spa Josanica and representative examples of folk architecture in self Mijatovic make a trademark Kopaonik village. Kopaonik is named because of the mineral wealth at its disposal and which are here since ancient times bathed. Volcanic activity and discharge of hot mineral solutions caused changes on the surrounding rocks, and so was the “mining region of Kopaonik” with a large number of mines, which are mined iron, lead and zinc. Active holidays in nature has become an important part of the life of modern man.

Vast mountain pastures, dense coniferous forests, mountain peaks from which you can see half of Serbia, to Bulgaria and Macedonia, remain in the memory of all who have ever visited Kopaonik.