One of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, under the dense coniferous and deciduous forests and meadows, is certainly the mountain Tara. All are rarely this oasis of untouched nature. One of them is the Tara mountain, which is located in western Serbia. The mountain river Drina, observed from the numerous vantage points look like thin, green line tucked into a canyon massive. Sheer clear, green water in the canyons of the dreaded tame in valleys attracted to the beauty of its coastline and rich water world.

Tara area was declared in 1981 was declared a national park. The National Park Tara is situated on 19,200 ha, while the forests cover about 13,000 ha. The entire National Park area include: The Tara mountain, Crni Vrh, Zvezda, Stolac, canyon Drina with Perucac Lake and surrounding of Bajina Basta.

As economic activity that less than any destroys natural resources, tourism is the only explicitly accepted activity on the Tara. National park Tara has excellent conditions for the development of almost all forms of recreational activities and tourism. Favorable climatic conditions, a large number of sunny days, the average altitude of 1000 m, natural beauty, provide all conditions for a pleasant stay, walking, mountaineering  etc.

If you ask yourself what is most what you can come across Tari – this is the Serbian spruce. The Serbian spruce is endemic – relict species from our region. Thanks to the special conditions on the Balkan Peninsula, the spruce could be held up today as a representative of the extinct vegetation. It was named after the prominent Yugoslav natural sciences, Josif Pancic, who was most responsible for the discovery of spruce.

When the nature of a city give much beauty then it is destined for the preservation of human health, beauty and joy of life.