Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia, known as the ” Silver Mountain ”, ” The roof of Serbia ” or ” the Mountain of the Sun ” regarding the number of sunny days per year exceeding 200. Also, Kopaonik is our largest and most famous mountain, tourist and ski center, offering throughout the year ideal conditions for active recreation and enjoyment.

Due to its natural value, in 1981, was declared a national park. Its highest peak is the Pancic peak of 2017 m above sea level, with the mausoleum of Josif Pancic, a famous Serbian naturalist after whom it was named.

At an altitude of about 1780 m there is a tourist center of Kopaonik. In this part there are accommodation capacities, among which are many hotels, apartments, villas, resorts, and sports fields, swimming pools, gyms, shops, numerous restaurants and clubs. Thanks to the developed tourist center with modern hotels and facilities, Kopaonik is a winter tourist destination number one in Serbia.

Kopaonik ski resort has over 50 km of path for alpine skiing and 18 km for Nordic skiing. The trails are served by the sysytem of 24 cable cars making it one of the largest ski centers in this part of Europe. The ski paths are suitable for beginners and for experienced skiers. For lovers of night skiing there is alight path “Little Lake”, while others may decide to spend the night sipping their favorite beverage in warm bars. Kopaonik is a mountain of the winter fun, but also fun for those for whom the sport is not a priority.

The ”White Rocks” have breathtaking beauty, both because of the giant rocks that rise above the environment, and because of the rain forest that extends to the base of mountain.