Knez Mihailova street is the first officially named streets in Belgrade.
Knez loved Belgrade and Belgrade is like Prince. With its commitment to art, culture, the European spirit of the city, a diplomatic solution of the problems … Prince Mihailo Obrenovic deserved it the most visited and one of the most beautiful streets in 1870 is named after him. Knez has contributed to the appearance of the street and personally donating land with a desire to be used “for educational purposes”. On it in 1924. erected a monumental palace of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, designed by architects Andre Stevanovic and Dragutin Djordjevic.
A larger number of representative buildings from the late nineteenth century, reflect the influence of European architectural practice. Magnificent palaces Endowment Nikola Spasic, Krstina tavern where they held the meeting of Serbian Assembly, Veljko Savic house where today the restaurant “Kolarac” …