Resava River is the longest right tributary of the Big Morava. Arises from Zlotska rivers and streams Bobovac. Its length is about 70 km. In its springing part Resava flows through Vinatovaca rain forest. This dense beech forest was declared a nature park and canyon Klocanica, left tributary Resava, which during the year plunges into a narrow part of the canyon called Suvaja.

The upper part of the basin Resava the typical composite valley, made up of basin series, extensions separated by gorges and canyons. The first in a series of cliffs is Manasija cliffs. Manasija (Resava) is one of the most important monuments of Serbian medieval culture and belongs to the so-called “Moravia school”.

When Lisa in Resava flows into a creek called the wellhead. It got its name because the whole emerges from a strong karst spring. It also contains one of the most waterfalls in Serbia, which is considered the highest. In this live trout tributaries, and on it were built in small private ponds. Trout and also live in Klocanici that the lower part of the title Suvaja. It should be noted that both male and tributaries that are consistent with these tiny fish. Downstream from the steepness separate road for Resava cave, which is a popular tourist attraction.

Fishing is allowed only using artificial bait and fly fishing. Allowed daily catch trout in three rate (25 cm), regardless of whether they are authentic or the California brown trout. Resava were released about 20,000 fry of brown trout, and the most attractive terrains, the previously mentioned steepness around the village as well as in the canyon of the river, which is very inaccessible and difficult to fish. But just because of that, and hides capital specimens mills.