The present chapel was built in 1817, modeled on the previous, with the considerable influence of the Byzantine style. This unusual church of elliptical shape, modeled on the Turkish tent, filled with unusual details. The lower windows are in the shape of the British flag, and the upper windows resemble the Dutch. There are also still functional male organs which can be reached rustic wooden stairs.
The chapel Catholics can pray and get to Mass five times a year. Although, it may not be the case for much longer because the Catholic Church, in whose jurisdiction the chapel, not worth it to keep the county for the sake of a religious believer passive.

It was built in 1817 on the site where he signed the famous Treaty of Carlowitz (1699) between the forces of the Christian Alliance and Turkey. For the first time in the official world diplomacy is used round table for negotiation. Viennese War Council Decision original conference, which was built of wood, was replaced by today’s chapel.

At the place where was signed Karlowitz in Karlowitz petrovaradinski Franciscans in the former hall of worship arranged to Karlovac Catholics erected a temple in 1817 under the name of Chapel of Peace.