Hip Hop Festival – 2Hot4Stage fest vol.3 – 17, 18 and 19 of February.

In mid-February we will have one of the biggest events on the Serbian and regional hip hop scene, the festival called “2Hot4Stage Fest”. Held for the third year in a row, and aims to bring together a large number of street artist scene of the former Yugoslavia, as well as foreign artists who will be performing at this interesting festival from 17 to 19 February at Mikser House.

As the hip hop subculture accompanied by 4 basic elements of graffiti, dance, MC-ing and DJ-ing, talented individuals, or groups, will have the opportunity to try their hand at various competitions and performances that will take place in all four activities. The festival organized by the eponymous dance team “2Hot4Stage” lasts three days and includes all-day and evening programs – several organized parties, dance workshops and a panel discussion on which will spread knowledge and discuss a bit more on the subject of urban culture.

This event represents a meeting place, interconnection and exchange of positive energy, and Serbian Foreign Hip Hop Artist, and under the slogan “Free instinct”, this year will have a humanitarian aspect of which will be discussed before the event.
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