After cereals and rice and beans is a staple food in many tables in the world. Balkan nations consider it their national dish, and occupies an important place in our culinary art. There are many ways that can be prepared and always tasty and nutritious. In the grain of beans has about 24 percent protein. In our nation, the beans are very appreciated significantly dish, in some areas, gives the true “hero beans food.”  Because of the nutritional and medicinal ingredients or, for beans would be quite justified to be said that the “hero nourishes and heals.”

Beans are originating from America, but is used in food in almost all countries of the world. The Balkans is adopted before the 17th century in Italy and in Serbia today grown many varieties, among which the best known Pannonian Gradistan pannonian bean, pearl, sremac …  Beans are very useful food and a good natural remedy for preventing and treating many diseases. Therefore, the beans should be used in the diet, and it is much healthier than meat and meat products.

Well  vegetarian cuisine beans are very popular, because its use makes up for the lack of protein beans  is the most common beans in the world, which is available all year round!