Fruska Gora is an island mountain in Srem. The largest part of Fruska Gora is located in Serbia (Vojvodina), while a small portion goes into eastern Croatia, in Vukovar County. The term “Fruška” comes from the word ethnonym franc, which indicates that the Franks inhabited and controlled this mountain. Fruska Gora is an island, the old Block mountains. The valleys and slopes of Fruska Gora are covered with meadows, pastures and wheat fields, on the slopes of the orchards and vineyards with famous wine cellars.

On Fruska Gora is the largest concentration of lime trees in Europe. The most important monument are 17 monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church spread throughout the mountain. Built as endowments of Serbian royal family, after, in the late Middle Ages, under pressure from the Turks, the focus of Serbian spiritual and cultural heritage moved north.

Fruska Gora was declared a national park in 1960, in order to ensure permanent protection and enhancement of its natural resources and beauty. The area of ​​active protection covers 25 525 square kilometers. Fruska Gora is a lonely island mountain in the Pannonian Plain. The special value of the pearl of Fruska Gora representing 17 Orthodox monasteries, famous for their specific architecture, rich treasuries, libraries and frescoes. Fruska Gora also hides numerous archaeological sites from the prehistoric and historic periods.

Thanks to its wealth of natural resources, beautiful landscapes, exceptional charm and beauty of these mountains, Fruska Gora is an ideal place for rest and recreation that will bring you closer to nature.

Fruska Gora National Park is a member of the Federation of National Parks of Europe!