Natural monument “Devil’s Town” is located in the south of Serbia. This natural monument is composed of two, in the world of rare, natural phenomena: clay figures, as specific forms of relief that the area very attractive, and the two sources strongly acidic water with high mineralization. The two in the world rare natural phenomena observed together, “Devil’s Town” make the world a real miracle of nature.

The attractiveness of the two unseen wonders of nature complement the surrounding natural environment depicting a rather crude, almost mystical, but at the same time picturesque and timid, and the remains of the village, old churches, cemeteries and several interesting mining pits.
There are two legends related to this site. One is that the figures in the ‘’Devil’s Town’’ in fact petrified wedding, the second is that these figures actually devils that we can release it.
Legend of ‘’Devil’s Town’’ story of a humble and affectionate faith to people who are bothered by the devil, and he saved them “devil’s water” to forget the kinship relations. After they drank the water, stunned villagers decide to marry a brother and sister.
Devil’s plan has tried to prevent the villa, which, according to legend, this day keeps under its protection of this area. Villa failed to reason with the wedding party, and they went to the church with the bride and groom to the wedding. She then began to pray to God to somehow prevent incest. God hear her request, connect heaven and earth, blew strong, cold wind and petrified wedding party with the newlyweds. Thus, according to tradition, was created ‘’Devil’s Town’’ which has a total of 202 earthen figures of different shapes and sizes, with stone caps on top.
Figure made them grow, change, shorten, gradually (very slowly) disappear and reappear. Under the impact of raindrops is dissolved and waste bulk substrate area. Thus formed the figure remains almost unchanged for decades or even centuries, bearing on its top a heavy stone block of hundred pounds or more.