Today is the celebration of a national holiday – Armistice Day in the First World War. Feast for the first time officially marked last year, based on amendments to the state and other holidays that the Serbian Parliament adopted in late 2011.

Armistice Day is celebrated in memory of the 11 November 1918, when in France, in a special wagon of Marshal Ferdinand Foch, signed an armistice in World War II.

The date of November 11 is celebrated in all countries that have signed the agreement.
As the main motivation for this holiday emblem used Natalie’s Ramonda flower, endangered species in Serbia. This flower is known as botany flower phoenix . In addition, the amlbemu appears and the motif strips Albanian memorials, which is above both. It is recommended that the emblem worn on the lapel of the week preceding the holiday, and on the day of the feast.