Do you like coffee? Below, read some of the interesting facts about this popular beverage. Caffeine is the most widely used pharmacologically active substance in the world. Caffeine is a natural stimulant medications, substances that affect the central nervous system. A few cups of coffee or a (real) tea per day has, waking effect on our body, causing clearer and faster flow of thoughts, reducing sleepiness and increase alertness.
By far the most popular hot drink to people around the world, without which a good part of them does not know how to start your day.
Coffee is a beverage that has a whole range of effects on the human body, but also a drink that leaves a huge impact on the social life of man.
It is not known exactly when people realized that coffee works, but legend has it that the local Ethiopian shepherd named Khalid first noticed that his goats graze much livelier if certain berries.
Defensive their playfulness and he decided to try the berries, and the rest is history.
Legend has it that an ingenious Serb bought the entire stock of coffee, left behind the defeated Turks and opened an inn in the elite part of Vienna. Coffee liked Viennese ladies and subsequently became the most popular beverage in Europe.