In modern times, Serbia and France established official diplomatic relations immediately after the Berlin Congress, 01. January 1879. France has an embassy in Belgrade, and Serbia has an embassy in Paris and consulate in Strasbourg. During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, France is trying to restrain the force of NATO attacks and to limit attacks only the most necessary military objectives.
France is uncompromisingly defend any bombing of Serbia.

France has an extensive network of cultural centers in Serbia. Total there are three: in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. Serbia has only one cultural center in France, in Paris. Belgrade Skadarlija bohemian quarter is the only one in the world which is twinned with the Parisian Montmartre.

Serbia in its history had the French queen! Helen of Anjou, wife of King Stefan Uros, was born in the country “Gallic rooster”, a marriage is passed into Orthodoxy. In her honor planted the lilac valley, through which it took in arriving in Serbia.