Delicious taste of homemade pies nothing can replace. “Gibanica” is a type of Serbian layered pie, usually stuffed with white cottage cheese with oil and eggs. From pita vary in slightly thicker skins. Layers crust and the filling can line up straight, or more frequently as a folded crust soaked filling the choir with a flat bottom and top. Similar specialties are made across the Balkans.

On the Serbian traditional menu, it is unthinkable. Each house, each host home, with no real Serbian pie “gibanica” is not celebrating an important event. Tradition goes from generation to generation, and for centuries kept receptor that is unique in the Serbian territory.

Every country in the Balkans has its secret preparation of pies, and Serbia. Depending on the territory of Serbia, it has a different cooking time, but one thing is certain it is her taste perfect.

“Gibanica”, our homemade pita that has all the qualities actually become a brand!