EPIPHANY – Make a wish!
Epiphany is a holiday celebrated on 19 January. It is one of the 15 largest religious holidays of the Serbian Orthodox Church. This holiday is preceded by Holy Cross Day – the first day of fasting after the Christmas fast. Immediately after, on 20 January, is celebrated St. John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. According to the Christian belief, Jesus Christ, in his thirtieth year called John the Baptist to baptize him in the Jordan River. As the Bible says, immediately after the baptism the heavens opened and the voice of God declared that Jesus was his son. According to the tradition, on the shoulder of Jesus Christ came down the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. After the baptism, Jesus began his mission and his preaching. Since then, people believe that during Epiphany if one looks at the sky at midnight and make a wish, it will come true. Traditionally, housewives make jelly on that day and gather the whole family. It is believed that the water consecrated on this day has healing powers.