Serbian Orthodox Church, the believers, but also the entire Serbian people everywhere lived on January 27 is celebrated St. Sava, the feast dedicated to the father of Serbian spirituality, culture, the founder of the Serbian church and educator. St. Sava is celebrated as the patron of the school, teachers and students.

St. Sava was born in 1169 in Ras as the youngest child of a large Serbian Prince Stefan Nemanja and his wife, Anne, was given the name Rastko. Small Rastka brought up are the best teachers of Thessaloniki, Dubrovnik, Venice and Istanbul. It was clear, smart and cheerful child, he quickly learned to read and write. However, Rastka worldly life is not much interested, but has shown interest in spiritual beauty.

He has written or edited several works especially dedicated to the organization of the church. On Mount Athos, together with his father Nemanja, restored the monastery Hilandar, and his name is mentioned and the establishment of monasteries Zica in Serbia. Because of the strong Sava cult Serbian Orthodoxy is sometimes referred to as svetosavlje. Savindan is celebrated in all schools in the Republic of Serbia and Serbian as school glory. St. Sava is considered the founder of the Serbian medieval literature, which makes the protector of educational institutions.

In addition to his great work and legacy of personal belongings of Saint Sava remained only archbishop scepter, which is now kept in the treasury of the monastery Mileseva.