Rich patterns and ornaments, two identical faces, diverse symbolism carried by the quality of the wool that is true, are the features of one of the most famous Serbian brands – carpets.
In the long and complex process of making, weavers not only true carpets of high quality, but also a kind of art whose beauty and luxury of becoming recognizable everywhere in the world.

Today Carpeting deals only thirty of them, carpets are less in demand and the earnings are all lower.
For all these reasons, the practice of this craft in the modern era represents only love and dedication towards making the oldest, most beautiful and purest national product. Lengthy and complex process of making carpet begins to “conception”, in which weavers manually counted either. All threads must be the same length, and only years of experience allow the weaver to them without a meter accurately counted.
By the final product quilt many parts of proceedings, which often take part two, three or more weavers.
For this reason, teamwork and cooperation is very important.

If you want somewhere away from the motherland, touch your part of Serbia, be sure to bring a rug with her. Belief indicates that you carry on this way, and one part of the country, which will always remind you of all that you have experienced in Serbia. It would be best to get the carpet as a gift from a loved one.