Epiphany is a Christian holiday that celebrates the revelation of God the Son as embodied in Jesus Christ. The Serbs have always been very vividly celebrates Epiphany. It is believed that on this day, at midnight, the heavens opened and then every wish can be fulfilled. The people of this day is still called Humor or just Water baptizet named parade. On this day, the vengeance of water that is believed to have healing and miraculous epiphany and is called the water.
For Epiphany linked to many customs and beliefs of the Serbian people. Believers, on the Feast of the Epiphany, welcome the words “Christ is the answer,” a salute to “Vaistinu be told.” It was believed that the days are suitable for wedding started from the Epiphany. It is believed that, in the middle of the eve of the Epiphany, for a moment, opens heaven to be baptized (cross) winds that are blowing in the winter with those who blow flies, and that all the water becomes holy. Who is then caught in the open air and to be seen by God to seek the fulfillment of a wish. A decade ago the Serbs was renovated an old custom to throw into the river baptism, a young men compete to get to it first and get him.
Epiphany is one of the fifteen largest Christian holidays!

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