Near Becej, on the way to Backa Topola, there is a castle Dundjerski, also known as Fantast. This castle was built by the landowner Bogdan Dundjerski in the period from 1862 to 1943 and he is a mix of Baroque, Romantic and neo-classical style of architecture. The castle has four corner towers, two circular and two conical, as well as the tower, characterized by a neo-gothic style, while the reception room and two entrances done in the neoclassical style.

Like a monolith of your dreams, or virtues that rears, Fantast like it was dedicated to the clouds. What is most surprising and attracts attention, not preservation of the park and the main building, but the icon of Stefan the First Crowned which is located at the altar in the chapel of Bogdan Dundjerski. In this chapel, which was painted by Uros Predic the whole, there is a grave and Bogdanov icon in your lower right corner has a silver imprint of one’s lips. Castle wondrous beauty, crippled by hatred, was created out of love.

In a fantasy should definitely see the famous stud founded by Bogdan Dundjerski i’m very proud of the most famous horse stud farm and the castle is named.