Goc Mountain is a mountain in Serbia, south of the West Morava above the Spa. It is located in a part of southern mountains and is 200 km from Belgrade. Gozo is the source of many streams and rivers which flow to Western Morava and Rasina in the north to the south.

Goc is full of lush vegetation created the ideal combination of climate and fertile soil.
The slopes are covered with dense beech and conifer forests, Sljivac, vineyards and numerous raspberry.
It is an ideal place for footing, walking, picking berries and herbs (there are endemic plant species and communities) and picnic beside the rich mountain springs. A special experience are numerous fish ponds with trout Gocka, where you on the spot with barbecue and comfortable environment to enjoy a delicious meal and beautiful setting of untouched nature. On the mountain Goc is the artificial lake where swimming is prohibited but which is an excellent location for organizing excursions.
It is interesting that on Goc is also a Roman cemetery, where are buried the Saxons, the miners here are mined and smelted iron at the time of Nemanjic.
Winter is a great time because of snow, skiing, enjoying the fireplace, rich cuisine and from spring to autumn for walking along the beautiful slopes of these mountains.