Trsic is a village in the municipality of Loznica in the Macva District of Serbia. On the rolling hills covered with beech trees and cerova forest at 7 km from Loznica is Trsic, the perfect place to spend a holiday. Trsic is the birthplace of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. As a separate entity within the complex stands out Vukovo property with Vuk’s memorial house, two outbuildings, blockhouse and a barn. In Trsic place every september and Vuk expensive – an international gathering of slavists from around the world.

When creating ethno-park, special attention was paid to the desire to permanently label and preserve the memory of Vuk and his work, and to preserve the natural environment and spatial values. 1933 at the place where the family home Vuk Karadzic filed a memorial house, a two-part log cabins, part of the basement, with a steep roof covered with shingles. Recently, the Trsic come to life and rural tourism by converting family homes in attractive facilities designed to accommodate guests, so it is now possible to visit this picturesque city and stay in it a few days and enjoy the delights of local cuisine as well as natural rural environment.

In Trsic a few years ago opened Museum of the language and script as the first museum of intangible heritage in Serbia. Here you can see how people lived in the villages of Serbia in the late 19th century, as Vuk Karadzic lived and worked, there are many craft shops …