Kalemegdan was and remains a symbol of Belgrade. It was destroyed and rebuilt, but the biggest mystery is certainly a Roman fortress well. This is a place that draws the biggest attention of visitors due to a variety of unexplained events that took place within these walls.

Historians have divided opinion when it is incurred when a well. Some claim to have originated two millennia ago, while others are of a contrary opinion and believe that the well is dug centuries ago, when the Austrians conquered Belgrade in 1717.

Roman well kept many interesting stories. One of the greatest mysteries of Kalemegdan dug in the bedrock below the plateau of the Upper Town. Unlike many dark dungeons and the entire maze corridors under the castle, the well through two small windows receives light, which covers the stone walkway various colors. Many visitors a chill through the bones when they look down into the depths. Especially if you are familiar with the urban (and some older) legends, this unusual building.

Although its bottom now filled with water, the well was once served as a prison for some, while others become a tomb. The mysterious murder, screams, skeletons ….