Avala is a mountain located 17 km southeast of Belgrade. Avala is well wooded wild trees, and partly under pine trees planted. The name “Avala” the oriental origin and comes from the word “havala”, which means “lookout” or place or facility that has before it a good aspect and dominates the surroundings.
The name itself comes from the Avala ,Avala 14.tog century (Arabic). ‘’ Golo Brdo ‘’ in the 19th century the forested mountains of Avala. At the top of the mountain was built in 1938. Mausoleum, Monument to the Unknown Soldier, dedicated to the work of Ivana Mestrovic Serbian heroes of the First World War.

Avala, although the low mountains, is characterized by great diversity of flora and fauna. There are approximately 600 plant species, some of which are protected as a natural rarity.

One of the favorite resorts of Belgraders our Avala.