Name of the event, which aims to the selection of the most beautiful traditional Srem cakes, and organized by the TA “PANONIJA TOURS” from Ruma and Local History Society “Teočin” from Jasak.
Diligent hands housewife old grandma recipes that are still kept in the Srem region in its best edition of the irresistibly attracted to the smell and appearance lure visitors and placed on the difficult trials to wait only a declaration of the most beautiful cakes.
There is a story about how once upon a time a guy from a rich, forest management came home to the neighboring village to find himself a wife.
All the girls are dressed up, took to the shore, crossed his arms, and wait, the daughter of a poor holding hands under the apron.
The guy stopped next to her and asked why he hides his hands. She shyly replied that just kneaded strudel and did not manage to wash his hands of the test. Wise guy has it took a wife!