From here it all began. Many important things without which we would not be able, for the first time appeared in Sabac! Sabac is a rich town on the border of two empires that i called “Little Paris” could call. This is a town which is the Gate of Europe be called, the town that walks both with Belgrade, moreover, in many ways, and leads the …
A city that is almost two centuries before striding trampled to Europe and the first in Serbia in many ways … The first piano in Serbia announced in Sabac, and the first musical gang led by Joseph Schlesinger. The first cab in our country harnessed the residence hall before Jevrem Obrenovic in Sabac, Sabac settlement lord and brother Milos Obrenovic. Jevrem was the only literate among Obrenovices and having spent part of his life in the west is trying to impose order in Sabac many newspapers that have hitherto been seen only in cities across the Sava. Is also in Jevrem era made the first regional plan Sabac with streets which crossed at right angles, and the city appeared for the first glazed window in Serbia. In Jevrem seasons played the first theater production in Serbia in Sabac has arrived and the first metal, stylish bed with a mattress.
Citizens of Sabac were the first in Serbia had the vet and the first pharmacy and pioneered much more. This city bears his name with pride!