Divcibare is a town and famous tourist town of Valjevo in Kolubara district on the mountain Maljen. It extends from the Black top, fire, Golubac to Great Hills. It is located at an altitude of 980 m above sea level, the highest peak – 1,095 m.
Plateau is named Divcibare or girlie bars to commemorate the tragic death of a young girl. According to tradition, the young shepherdess accidentally drowned in the swollen Montenegro oysters.
Divcibare has a long history of spa tourism. A special attraction on this mountain are four nature reserves: Black River, Calacki stream, and the Devil Zabalac source. In addition, Divcibare there are excellent ski slopes. Divcibare is ideal for rest, rehabilitation and recreation, and the epithet “air spa” received for its extraordinary beneficial effect on respiratory organs. The mountain has a mild and pleasant climate, and air masses from the Mediterranean bring beneficial iodine.