Djavolja Varoš

About 30 km South-West away from Kursumlija had developed a geological phenomenon among the most astonishing that could be seen. On the massive of Radan, near the summit of an altitude of 1409 m there are 200 stone figures 20 meters high directed to the sky. Of the red-tan colour overhung by the black discs, these true stone sculptures look like the chimneys chiselled by a human in the stone. Most interesting has been to see them changing the colour during the day, and it is an admiration to observe these colour shades and their manifold metamorphoses. Surrounded by a landscape with a vegetation of a quasi desert these natural sculptures do astonish us by their inclusion in a nature entirely green and dense. This place unique in Europe had been known only by some specialties, still today, in spite of the efforts of the municipality to expose it worldwide still few tourists visit this astonishing site.
Excursion possible on request by the Tourist office in Kursumlija.


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